(a) 1400
(b) 2200
(c) 0400
Figure 14: The schematic representation of the local circulations in the CNTL experiment, (a) 1400 LST 24 August, (b) 2200 LST 24 August, and (c) 0400 LST 25 August; the three cities from left to right are Tianjin (TJ), Langfang (LF), and Beijing (BJ), respectively. Please refer to Figure 6 for more details of the figure description. At 1400 LST, except for the strong SLB circulation and MVB circulation, the upward motions of the smaller scale local circulations (i.e., UHI circulation) were indicated by the red arrows. (a) represents Figure 11(a) and (b) and (c) represent Figures 6(b) and 6(c), respectively.