Research Article

The Application of Diabatic Heating in -Vectors for the Study of a North American Cyclone Event

Figure 2

Maps and analyses for 0000 UTC 25 December 2009, where (a) is the mean sea level pressure (solid, every 4 hPa) and 1000–500-hPa geopotential thickness (dashed, every 60 gpm) from NAM Eta initialization, (b) the 500 hPa geopotential heights (solid, every 60 gpm), (c) the 300-hPa geopotential heights (solid, every 120 gpm) and the wind speeds (dashed, every 10 ms−1, at 35 ms−1, 45 ms−1, and 55 ms−1), and (d) the Doppler radar base reflectivity mosaic.