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1600 AD Huaynaputina Eruption (Peru), Abrupt Cooling, and Epidemics in China and Korea

Table 3

Historical records of the abrupt cooling and epidemics in Korea in 1601 AD.


Kangwon Prefecture, KoreaThe Magistrate of the Gangneung City (Gangneung Bu, a city of the Kangwon Prefecture, i.e., Kangwon Do), Si Sin, reported that chilly wind was always blowing, and the weather was always gloomy and hazy since the late spring. The seedlings rotted and faded away.
It rained and snowed on the 5th day of this month (May 6, 1601 AD). The mountains and plains were in white. This is really abnormal as it is summer now. (The date of this report was Jiawu day, 4th month, 34th year, Seonjo Reign Period, i.e., May 28, 1601 AD.)
Annals of King Seonjo, Vol. 136.

Hwanghae Prefecture, KoreaThe Governor of the Hwanghae Prefecture (Hwanghae Do), I-Mun Seong, reported that there were severe droughts in all of the counties from the spring to summer. It shined one moment and rained the next, and the chilly wind always blew. The wheat failed to flower, and the rice failed to grow. The paddy fields were very dry and could not be ploughed. In the seeded fields, the seeds did not sprout. We really worried about the farm work. (The date of this report was Bingshen day, 4th month, 34th year, Seonjo Reign Period, i.e., May 30, 1601 AD.)Annals of King Seonjo, Vol. 136.

Near Seoul, KoreaKing Seonjo said that it was very hot and wet these days, and numerous people fell ill. We should take good care of ourselves, so that the patients would recover and no longer feel miserable. (The record does not mention the location. It should refer to the entire Korean Peninsula or at least the vicinity of the capital, Seoul, because this record is an order of the king.) (The date of this report was Renyin day, 7th month, 34th year, Seonjo Reign Period, i.e., August 4, 1601 AD)Annals of King Seonjo, Vol. 139.

Counties with abrupt cooling. Counties with epidemics.