Figure 1: Overall experimental setup. CCD camera for imaging the sample surface, single/triple spectrometer equipped with CCD detector, and HBT setup for the second-order photon correlation measurements. Half wave plate (HWP), quarter wave plate (QWP), and Glan-Thomson polarizer (GTP) are used for polarization-dependent PL measurements. For photon correlation measurements, emitted photons are divided into two paths with non-polarized beam splitter (NPBS) and specific emission line is filtered by the monochromators (MC1 and MC2) set in each optical paths. Photons are detected by single photon detectors (SPD: EG and G single photon counting modules) through optical fibers. Generated electronic pulses at the SPDs are sent to a time-to-amplitude converter (TAC), and the temporal difference between the two outputs, , is accumulated to construct a histogram in multi-channel analyzer (MCA).