Table 2: Conducted analytical modeling of interaction between CNT and polymer.

Researcher(s)YearInterface or interphaseType of interactionThicknessInterphase modulusMethod of modeling

Jiang et al. [14]2006InterfacevdWN/AN/ACohesive energy
Tan et al. [15]2007InterfacevdWN/AImperfection coefficientElasticity
Seidel and Lagoudas [16]2006InterphasePerfect0.5 ×    to 4 ×  0.1 ×    to  10 ×  Composite cylinders micromechanics
Tsai and Lu [17]2009InterphasePerfect0.01 nm = 0.13, 0.286, 4.2, 370 GPaElasticity (shear lag)
Nairn [18]2011Interface or interphaseImperfectN/AImperfection coefficientShear lag (elasticity)
Shokrieh and Mahdavi [19]2011InterphasevdW0.17 nmFunction of and Equivalent fiber (elasticity)
Barai and Weng [20]2011InterfacePerfectN/AImperfection coefficientElasticity