Research Article

Exposure Factors Influence Stone Deterioration by Crystallization of Soluble Salts

Table 4

X-ray data of sample M13.
(a) Vert. = 1000 counts, disc = 1, preset = 100 secs, elapsed = 100 secs

EnergyCountsX-ray lines

1.28960Mg KA1, Mg KA2, Mg KB1
1.511739Al KA1, Al KA2
1.768100Si KA1, Si KA2
2.3328315S KA1, S KA2, Pb MA1, Pb MA2
2.651069Cl KA1, Cl KA2, Pb M2N, Pb MG2, Pb MG1
3.332771K KA1, K KA2
3.7133672Ca KA1, Ca KA2
4.034164Ca KB1, Ca KB3
5.40399Fe KA1, Fe KA2

Accelerating voltage: 22.0 KEV, incidence angle: 70.0 degrees.
X-ray emergence angle 36.1 degrees.
(b) Standardless EDS analysis (ZAF corrections via MAGIC V)

Element and lineWeight
2 sigma

Mg KA0.661.500.080.0041
Al KA1.232.510.090.0091
Si KA4.298.430.150.0360
S KA15.3526.440.270.1619
Cl KA1.602.480.100.0141
K KA2.743.870.140.0249
Ca KA31.0542.780.490.2920
Fe KA0.690.690.110.0077
Pb KA42.3911.300.720.4484

Note: atomic percent is normalized to 100.
Note: -ratio = -ratio ×  , where = reference (standard)/reference (sample).
Normalization factor: 0.839.