Research Article

Comparison of Conventional and Advanced Concrete Technologies in terms of Construction Efficiency

Table 2

Average score evaluation of characteristics of CC, HPC, and UHPC, respectively, compared with reference basis.

Evaluated characteristics of concrete technologies (CC, HPC, and UHPC) within particular methods of constructionTraditional methods of construction (using ready-mix concrete)Modern methods of construction (using precast concrete elements)

Construction time4.864.925.525.566.24
Number of workers at process5.105.386.286.306.34
Labor content of site processes4.864.985.345.866.02
Environmental impact4.785.004.885.105.36
Control efficiency within the process of building structure production4.805.965.346.186.44
Quality, durability, and endurance of structure5.366.224.785.906.22
Costs/returns ratio3.061.705.024.181.54