Advances in Materials Science and Engineering / 2017 / Article / Tab 4

Review Article

A Short Review on the Valorisation of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash in the Manufacture of Stabilized/Sintered Earth Blocks and Tiles

Table 4

Comparison of factors influencing pozzolanic activity of bagasse ash.

Author(s)Calcination temperatureLoss on ignition (%)Nature of silicaAsh treatment

Greepala and Parichartpreecha [43]DNRDNRDNRSieved through ASTM sieve number 325 (45 microns)
Khobklang et al. [44]DNRDNRDNRSieved through ASTM sieve number 200
Alavéz-Ramírez et al. [36]700–900°C24.15DNRSieved through ASTM sieve number 200
Lima et al. [45]DNR1.04DNRSieved through 4.8 mm sieve and milled for 3 minutes in a mechanical mill
James et al. [46]DNRDNRDNRSieved through BIS 300-micron sieve
James and Pandian [47]DNRDNRQuartzSieved through BIS 300-micron sieve
Singh and Kumar [48]DNRDNRAmorphous silicaDNR
Kulkarni et al. [49]DNRDNRDNRDNR
Madurwar et al. [37]240–600°C8.90Amorphous silicaDNR
Priyadarshini [50]DNRDNRDNRDNR
Rajkumar et al. [51]DNRDNRDNRDNR
Naibaho et al. [52]DNRDNRDNRDNR
Ali et al. [53]DNRDNRDNRDNR
Onchiri et al. [54]DNRDNRDNRSieved through 75-micron sieve
Saranya et al. [55]DNR0.72DNRDNR
Prasanth et al. [56]DNRDNRDNRDNR
Salim et al. [57]DNR0.9DNRDNR
Tonnayopas [42]DNR40.21QuartzCrushed in cone crusher and ground in lab ball mill and sieved through 70-micron sieve
Teixeira et al. [17]DNRDNRQuartzMilled in ball mill and sieved to less than 88 microns
Schettino and Holanda [58]DNR9.78DNRDry milled and sieved through ASTM sieve number 325 (45 microns)
Hariharan et al. [59]650°CDNRActive silicaDNR
Aigbodion et al. [60]1200°CDNRQuartzDNR
Faria et al. [18]DNR9.78QuartzSieved through 355-micron sieve

DNR: data not reported.