Advances in Materials Science and Engineering / 2019 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

The Mechanical Properties of a Smart Compression-Type Isolator Based on Magnetorheological Gel and Magnetorheological Elastomer

Table 3

The main design parameters of MRE smart isolator performance.

Initial viscosity of MRG11.8 Pa·sInitial shear modulus of MRE1.0 MPa
Yield strength of MRG92.1 kPaRelative magnetorheological effect of MRE3 MPa
MRG consumption272 cm3MRE consumption509 cm3
MRG working channel gap1 mmMonolithic MRE thickness2 mm
Diameter of MRG working plate170 mmExternal diameter of MRE working plate305 mm
Vertical pole diameter of working plate20 mmInner diameter of MRE working plate245 mm
Thickness of MRG cylinder15 mmThickness of MRE cylinder2 mm
Ultimate displacement of MRG working plate6 mmUltimate displacement of MRE working plate6 mm
Coil turns of MRG working plate1300Coil turns of MRE working plate1600
Force range of small stroke3.63∼9.30 kNForce range of large stroke260.15∼471.04 kN
Adjustable multiple of small stroke1.56Adjustable multiple of large stroke0.81
Current range of MRG working plate0∼2 ACurrent range of MRE working plate0∼2 A
Maximum power of MRG<160 WMaximum power of MRE<200 W
Total height148 mm