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Advanced Martensitic and Bainitic Steels for High Strength and Wear Resistance

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Steels are the most widely used engineering materials. High performance steels are increasingly required in modern society regarding energy consumption, reliability and safety, efficiency in transportation, and challenges in various industrial aspects. Recently, several scientific and technological advances are leading to progresses in research and industrial applications of advanced high strength steels, such as the concept of carbon partitioning and its applications in the strengthening and toughening heat treatments, ultrahigh strength steels with martensitic/bainitic/austenitic multiphase microstructure, wear resistant steels, surface engineering of high strength steels for improved fatigue strength, and advances in materials characterization. In particular, the latest development in the microstructural and chemical characterization has improved the understanding on the relationships between the alloy design, thermal processing and heat treatment, microstructure, and mechanical properties.

The special issue aims to address the latest progress both in fundamental research and in novel technologies with a focus on the alloy-designing, heat treatments and thermal processing of high-strength, and wear-resistant steels. It also addresses surface engineering techniques of steels, for example, surface finishing and hardening for improved fatigue strength and/or wear resistance. We welcome contributions in this area, in the form of either original research articles or literature reviews of new processes or failure investigations. Research in fundamentals of phase transformations and failure mechanisms is encouraged, either by experimental investigations or by modelling studies. A special interest of the issue is also in nanostructured bainitic steels and quenching-partitioning treated steels.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Microstructural and chemical characterizations from micro- to atomic scales
  • Nanostructured bainitic/martensitic/austenitic steels
  • Quenching-tempering (Q-T) and quenching-partitioning (Q-P) treatments
  • Welded joints of high strength steels, for example, residual stresses, heat treatments, and fatigue behaviour
  • Forging and rolling, casting, and cold forming of high strength steels
  • Machining, surface strengthening, and residual stresses of high strength steels
  • Mechanical properties of high strength steels
  • Wear resistance and wear mechanisms of hardened steels
  • Ultrahigh strength steels for vehicles and aircrafts
  • Failure investigations, for example, fatigue, wear, and corrosion

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Submission DeadlineFriday, 19 October 2018
Publication DateMarch 2019

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

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