Table 2: Input for the simulation – 3D CFD model; dispersed phase modelled as Lagrangian phase.


Drill string length1.8288 ()m (ft.)
Pipe diameter0.0508 ()m (inch)
Hole diameter0.1016 ()m (inch)
Angle of inclinationθ0–90° (degrees)
Fluid inlet velocity0.1524 ()–0.762 ()m/s (ft./min)
Dynamic viscosity
Density of liquid958.61 ()kg/m3 (ppg)
Fluid behaviour index0.44
Consistency index0.63 (1.316)Pa·s (lbfs/100 ft2)
Drill pipe rotation speed0–100rpm
Eccentricity ratio0, 1
Shape of particlesspherical
Particle diameter0.0000249 ()m (microns)
Particle density (dry density)4193.92 (35.0)kg/m3 (ppg)
Coefficient of restitution1.0
Number of CFD cells84,102
CFD time-step0.01s
Physical time simulated36s