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Case Report

Iron Deficiency Anemia in Adult Onset Still's Disease with a Serum Ferritin of 26,387 μg/L

Table 1

Hematological data.

Day 0**Day 6Day 7Day 106 months later10 months later

Hgb g/dL (12–16)*
MCV fl (80–94)*676868707081
Ferritin μg/L (13–150)*26,3871,3651,0958356.535
Iron μg/dL (45–160)*491448
TIBC μg/dL (240–450)*215306244
Iron saturation % (20–55)*23%5%20%

** Adult onset Still’s disease was diagnosed and methylprednisolone treatment started.
Treatment was started for iron deficiency anemia.
*Normal ranges are shown in parentheses.