Figure 4: The effects of non-transferrin iron uptake on cytoplasmic and mitochondrial LIP and ROS generation by cultured erythroid precursors. Cultured human erythroid precursors were harvested on day 6 of phase II, incubated with or without 20 μM FAS for 1 hr, and stained with CA, RPA or DCF for measurement of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial LIPs and ROS generation, respectively. The results are expressed as the percent (%) change (mean ± SD, 𝑁 = 4 ) in the MFIs following incubation with and without Fe, calculated per the MFI−Fe. (b) The indicated concentrations of FAS were added to day 6 cultures. Hb-containing cells were counted by benzidine staining on day 9. The results are expressed as the (mean ± SD, 𝑁 = 4 ).