Table 2: Obstetrics related characteristics among ANC attendees in health institutions of Arba Minch town, February to April 2015 ().


History of previous pregnancy
History of abortion
Number of children
Birth interval between the last and current
 Primigravida 12537.7
 <2 years2813.5
 >2 years17986.5
 Nullipara (0)12537.6
 Primipara (1)288.4
 Multipara (2–4)15947.9
 Grand multipara (≥5)309.0
Gestational age
 1st trimester4814.5
 2nd trimester 17853.6
 3rd trimester 103 31.9
Place of delivery of previous pregnancy
 Health facility14369.1
ANC follow-up in previous pregnancy
Bleeding on current pregnancy
Contraceptive use
 Yes 20260.8
 No 130 39.2
Malaria in the last one year
 Yes 103 31
 No 22969
Iron supplementation on current pregnancy