Advances in Nursing / 2015 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Assessment of Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Perceived Barriers to Expressed Pressure Ulcer Prevention Practice in Addis Ababa Government Hospitals, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015

Table 5

The distribution of attitude towards expressed pressure ulcer prevention practice among nurses in Addis Ababa government hospitals, 2015.

Attitude component Yes (%)No (%)Total (%)

In your view are all patients at potential risk of developing pressure ulcers (PU)?105 (53.6)91 (46.4)196 (100)
Do you think pressure ulcer prevention is time consuming to carry out?85 (43.4)111 (56.6)196 (100)
Do you have willingness to care for patients with pressure ulcer?176 (89.8)20 (10.2)196 (100)
Do you feel that priority of care is given for patients who are at risk of pressure ulcer?176 (89.8)20 (10.2)196 (100)
Do you believe that most pressure ulcers can be prevented?179 (91.3)17 (8.7)196 (100)
Do you think patients who are admitted receive adequate prevention of pressure ulcer while in bed seated?124 (63.3)72 (36.7)196 (100)
Do you think pressure ulcer risk assessment should be regularly carried out on all patients during their stay in hospital?145 (74)51 (26)196 (100)
Do you perceive that nurses hold major responsibilities when patients are vulnerable to pressure ulcer?165 (84.2)31 (15.8)196 (100)