Table 2: Personal characteristics and stigma score of nurses, working at Amhara Region Referral Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia, 2013 ().

Variable FrequencyPercentageMedian (IQR)

Perceived religiosity
 Very religious13735.5
 Somewhat religious22959.3
 Not religious205.2
Professional qualification
 First degree25165
Years of experience5 (6)
 7 months up to 5 years20954.1
 Greater than 5 years17745.9
Training about stigma
Giving health care service for PLHA in the last six months
Numbers of HIV/AIDS clients seen in the last six months ()13 (14)
 Low caseloads (less than 10 HIV/AIDS clients)9435.7
 High caseloads (10 or more than 10 HIV/AIDS clients)16964.3

Stigma0.65 (0.48)

IQR: Interquartile Range, PLHA: People living with HIV/AIDS.