Figure 1: Cross-sectional view and energy diagrams of the detector: (a) a cross-section of the detector on silicon of p-type with SB from platinum silicide (PtSi/Si); (1): substrate, (2): p+ layer, (3): PtSiSi layer, (4): antireflection coating; (b) the zone diagram of the detector ( 𝐸 v a c : energy level of vacuum, Ec: bottom of conductance band, Ev: a top (ceiling) of valence band, 𝐸 F S , 𝐸 F M : Fermi energy in the semiconductor and in metal, accordingly, Φ S , Φ M : potentials of work function from the semiconductor and metal, Ψ M S : maximal SB barrier height, and Δ Ψ : depression of barrier height at the reverse direction voltage; (c) the dependence of probability of occupancy of energy levels of platinum silicide from electrons energy for three different temperatures of electronic gas.