Table 1: Sixteen studies using allograft prosthetic composite in the treatment of proximal femoral bone loss, number of patients per study, primary diagnosis, and mean followup.

Study 𝑛 Primary diagnosisMean followup (yrs)

1Chandler et al. [6]30Aseptic2
2Langlais et al. [16]21Tumor6
3Haddad et al. [17]55Tumor, Aseptic, Septic revision8.8
4Zehr et al. [13]14Tumor10
5Zmolek and Dorr [18]15Aseptic failure2
6Safir et al. [19]50Septic, aseptic16.2
7Vastel et al. [20]44Aseptic failure7.1
8Babis et al. [21]72Aseptic12
9Lee et al. [22]15Aseptic, septic loosening4.2
10Roque et al. [23]73Tumor6.7
11Biau et al. [24]32Tumor5.6
12Donati et al. [25]22Tumor4.8
13Farid et al. [26]20Tumor6.3
14Graham and Stockley [27]25Aseptic, septic loosening4.5
15Muscolo et al. [28]37Tumor7.5
16J. W. Wang and C. J. Wang [29]15Aseptic, septic loosening7.6