Figure 5: Insulin protects tenocytes from apoptosis induced by hypoxia. (a) TUNEL and DAPI double-staining from cells under normoxic control conditions (top left panel), hypoxia (0.1% O2) treatment with 10% FCS for 48 h (top middle panel), hypoxia treatment with 1% FCS for 48 h (top right panel) and 30 μg/mL insulin treatment for 48 h with hypoxia in the presence of 10% FCS (bottom left panel) or 1% FCS (bottom right panel). (b) Percentage of apoptotic cells versus total cells (mean ± SE, ; versus 10% FCS alone; versus 1% FCS alone; ns not significant versus 10% FCS + hypoxia; versus 1% FCS + hypoxia).