Figure 6: Cotreatment with insulin does not change the induction of HIF-1α or FOXO-3A by hypoxia. Tenocytes subjected to 0.1% oxygen upregulated HIF-1 at 6 h in 10% FCS and less strongly in 1% FCS. Cotreatment with 30 ug/mL insulin did not prevent the induction of HIF-1α (a). The stress responsive transcription factor FOXO3A was not changed after 6 h of hypoxia (b) but was upregulated at the later time points of 16 h (c) and 48 h (d). Cotreatment with 30 ug/mL insulin had no effect on FOXO-3A protein levels at any time-point. Representative Western blots are shown from each time-point. Experiments were repeated with cells derived from 2 donors.