Clinical Study

Percutaneous Injection of Strontium Containing Hydroxyapatite versus Polymethacrylate Plus Short-Segment Pedicle Screw Fixation for Traumatic A2- and A3/AO-Type Fractures in Adults

Figure 1

(a) Preoperative CT scan of a 61-year-old woman with an L1 fracture and posttraumatic L1 vertebral body wedging of 20°
(b) Postoperative CT scan of the patient in (a) obtained 27 months postoperatively showing the PEEK implant with Sr-HA in the correct position and a reduction of segmental kyphosis to 11°; Note the resorption of the paste inside the PEEK loops
(c) Postoperative CT scan 12 months after surgery in a 67-year-old woman showing complete resorption of Sr-HA and bone healing around the PEEK implant; no Sr-HA traces are shown inside the PEEK loops