Table 2: Parameters of trunk, lumbar spine, and pelvis.


PT Patient group5.99.2.016
Healthy controls2.02.4
PT [mm]Patient group10.619.9.033
Healthy controls3.33.7
PI (dimples) Patient group12.57.5.002
Healthy controls17.86.9
PI (symmetry) Patient group15.010.2.015
Healthy controls20.48.5
TT Patient group7.56.2.017
Healthy controls4.54.1
LA Patient group27.59.6.022
Healthy controls32.79.5

Comparison between patient group and healthy controls: mean, standard deviation (SD), and p value were illustrated for PT , PT [mm], PT (dimples), PI (symmetry) , TT , and LA .
PT = pelvic tilt; PI (dimples) = pelvic inclination (dimples); PI (symmetry) = pelvic inclination in relation to the symmetry line; TT = trunk torsion; LA = lordotic angle T12 – DM
Significance on the level of p ≤ .05.
Significance on the level of p ≤ .01.