Clinical Study

A Simplified Approach for Arthroscopic Repair of Rotator Cuff Tear with Dermal Patch Augmentation

Table 1

Patient demographics and outcomes.

PatientAge y.o.GenderPresent w/revisionTear size (cm)Pre-op VAPost-op VASIncrease in strengthSuccessful repair

158MNo4 470YesYes
266FYes3 × 2102YesYes
352FYes2.5 × 3105YesYes
459FNo2 × 282YesYes
571FNo3 × 384YesYes
655MNo3 × 3104YesYes
767MNo2.7 × 2.7105YesYes
867FNo2 × 291YesYes
957MYes3 × 370YesYes
1067MNo2 × 2102YesYes
1162FNo2.5 × 2.5100YesYes
1262MNo2 × 392YesYes

Visual Analog Numeric Pain Distress Scale.