Figure 14: The striping voltammograms for CO desorption from supported 10 wt.% (0.4 mg cm−2, 2 nm in average size, 1 : 1 atomic ratio Ru : Pt) RuPt/TiO2/C electrocatalyst CO-saturated at three different temperatures: 25 (a), 60 (b), and 80 (c) °C, scanned at the scan rate of 2 mV s−1; (d) the same stripping scans for CO desorption at 60°C from unsupported 30 wt.% (0.5 mg cm−2, same average nanosize) E-tek RuPt/C electrocatalyst of the same RuPt nanosize, atomic ratio and load, sweep rate 10 mV·s−1, and its CO saturation at 55°C.