Table 1: Value of the parameters of the experimental model.

Phase UPhase VPhase W

L.F.C.M sub-model

LFB (Hz)[1–2000][1–2000][1–2000]
Number° of points201201201
Ln X (H)183.1504399.8045185.3597
C HV (nF)0.74520.66480.7356
Rn X (MΩ)2.40012.1242.3

H.F.C.M sub-model

HFPIB (kHz)[2–2.89][2–2.89][2–2.89]
Number° of points 171717
Ld X (H)4.02275.51285.0427
Rd X (kΩ)11.69010.15411.690

H.F.W.M sub-model (all phases HV side)

HFPIIB (kHz)[10–335][10–335][10–335]
Number° of points 239239239
, (mH)3.92183.85393.4211
, (nF)1.08381.06021.0721
, (kΩ)7.4127.8957.296
, (mH)3.94144.00313.9612
, (nF)2.59192.52192.5528
, (kΩ)5.3395.7625.391
C HV (nF)0.74520.66480.7356

Ci X parameters

Bandwidth (Hz)[4083.48–10023.8][4083.48–10023.8][4083.48–10023.8]
Number° of points 393939
Ci X (nF)0.11860.11700.1181