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ElectroComponent Science and Technology
Volume 7 (1980), Issue 1-3, Pages 181-186

A New Approach to the Topological Design of Hybrid Circuits

1Lehrstuhl für Netzwektheorie und Schaltungstechnik, TU München, Arcisstraße, 21, München 2 D-8, Germany
2Weyarn, D-8153 , Germany

Received 3 September 1980

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A computer-aided topological hybrid layout-design procedure is proposed, that yields the wanted principal routing in the form of a geometrical planarization graph. A so-called grid-embedding of a circuit graph into the Euklidean plane enables us to observe all except one of the various technological constraints. The real problem is reduced to finding a proper arrangement of “nets” and “flocks” in the plane in order to meet the omitted cross-capacity constraint. The solution is accomplished by a constructive and implicit enumeration procedure, which is used within an interactive man-machine design process.