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ElectroComponent Science and Technology
Volume 10, Issue 2-3, Pages 163-170

Evaluation of Du Pont Copper-Compatible Resistor System

Standard Telecommunication Laboratories Limited, London Road, Essex, Harlow, UK

Accepted 26 October 1981

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Four nitrogen-fireable resistor inks with resistivities from 20 Ω/□ to 10 kΩ/□ were examined and found to be based upon lanthanum hexaboride. The firing conditions, especially the peak temperature value and oxygen content, considerably affected both the fired resistance value and the shape and slope of the TCR curve. Titanium monoxide was present in the low value resistivity inks and had the effects of modifying the TCR curves in the room temperature region. The stability of the resistor system, especially after ageing at elevated temperatures, was found to be comparable with that of the ‘Birox’ 1400 resistor system. The resistance generally increased in value and the rate of change of resistance could be approximated to a square root of time law consistent with a diffusion mechanism.