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Active and Passive Electronic Components
Volume 25, Issue 2, Pages 147-153

New Niobium Capacitors with Stable Electrical Parameters

EPCOS AG, Capacitor Division, K O T E P.O. BOX 1840, Heidenheim D-89508, Germany

Received 1 December 2001

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The replacement of the anode material in tantalum capacitors by a new generation of high CV niobium powders offers the possibility to get an economical alternative to tantalum for a wide range of applications. Due to the high CV potential of niobium powder there is also an alternative to low voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We developed a new niobium capacitor which shows stable electrical values. By optimizing the structure of the dielectric and the cathodic layers as well as the process parameters we gained a capacitor which can be used up to 105°C . Electrical characteristics and lifetest behavior of niobium capacitors out of 100 k–150 k CV/g powder will be discussed.