Table 5: Health promotion interventions strategies to change behavior of smoking staff.


EmpowermentProvide and/or increase knowledge, awareness, and attitudes amongst staff towards the dangers of smoking(i) Information campaign to staff conducted en masse and in groups(i) 45 minutes twice weekly for 4 months
(ii) Distributing printed leaflets(ii) 5 types of media viz: Posters, Leaflets, Handouts, Stickers, Banners
(iii) Putting up posters in the hospital and its grounds (iii) For 4 months, some, e.g., banners changed often
(iv) Putting up no smoking signs(iv) Permanent signs

Social supportProvide technical support for implementing the decisions to ban smoking in the hospital and its grounds(i) Socialization
(ii) Consultations
(iii) Workshop
(iv) Once every 4 months
(ii) Every month for 4 months
(iii) Once every 4 months

AdvocacyProvide support, direction, and written/printed decisions concerning the banning of smoking in RSUZA hospital and its grounds(i) Audiences
(ii) Consultations
(iii) Meetings
(iv) Reports
(i) 6 times every 4 months (i.e., about every 3 weeks)
(ii) 6 times every 4 months
(iii) 6 times every 4 months
(iv) Every month for 4 months