Figure 1: Vaccine response for hSBA antibodies one month after vaccination with MenACWY-TT or with a control vaccine in subjects aged 11–25 years (ATP cohort for immunogenicity). (MenACWY-TT: subjects vaccinated with MenACWY-TT, MenACWY-DT: subjects vaccinated with MenACWY-DT, vaccine response defined as (1) for initially seronegative subjects, antibody titres ≥1 : 16 at one month after vaccination, (2) for initially seropositive subjects, antibody titres at one month after vaccination ≥4-fold the prevaccination antibody titre. Error bars represent the 95% confidence interval. *Statistically significantly higher value in the ACWY-TT group compared to the ACWY-DT group (exploratory analysis). Results of this figure are currently in publication [89].)