Table 1: Predictors of having received an H1N1 vaccine: final logistic regression modela.

VariableAdjusted logistic regression
Odds ratio95% Confidence interval

Prior seasonal influenza vaccine acceptance1.77 * *1.32–2.38
Perceived H1N1 disease susceptibility 1.13
Perceived H1N1 disease severity1.24
Perceived H1N1 vaccine efficacy2.40*1.29–4.45
Perceived obstacles to obtaining H1N1 vaccine.36*.197–.66
H1N1 vaccine safety concerns.47*.29–.77
H1N1 vaccine endorsement of family and friends1.01

aModel contains all variables with significance of P < .10 in univariate logistic regression.
* P < .05; **P < .01.