Table 2: Qualitative results: influences on H1N1 vaccine decisions.

CategoryNumber of responses decisionsInfluence on H1N1 vaccineRepresentative example(s)1

Safety concern39Perceived dangers
(direct or indirect)
associated with H1N1 vaccination.
There are countless studies on vaccines being linked to autism in children and other studies done that have linked vaccinations to Alzheimer's.     
I believe that vaccinating everyone will provide a selective pressure for the virus to evolve further.      
I have seen a lot of cases with my friends where they get the vaccine and end up getting the flu because they are putting a “nonharmful” live virus into your body.

Severity17Beliefs regarding the severity of H1N1 influenza.For something that is basically an overblown oversensationalized version of the common flu no thank you but I do not need a vaccine.     
If I get it, I get it. If I do not I do not. I am not really worried about it at all. Also if I get it, it will be a good workout for my immune system and I will just let nature run its course.

Medical dislike16General feelings toward medical procedures or environments.My sisters and I have always refused taking cough syrup when my family gave it to us. I think that had a negative effect about me taking the vaccine.     
I hate hate hate (sic) getting shots.

Efficacy15Beliefs regarding effectiveness of the H1N1 vaccine in protecting against H1N1 influenza.I believe that most of the H1N1 virus had already passed through and effected most people by the time the vaccine arrived.     
I most likely would not get this until I knew for sure that the results 100% provable!

Susceptibility14Perceptions of how widespread H1N1 is or one's personal likelihood of contracting H1N1.I feel my immune system is strong enough that right now at my age I do not need a flu or H1N1 vaccine.     
I do not want the vaccine simply because the chances of me getting the H1N1 flu are not all that high as long as I take care of myself and sanitize.

Information11Adequacy of knowledge and information regarding H1N1 and the H1N1 vaccine.I have not learned enough about the H1N1 vaccine to decide to get it for myself.      
My knowledge is limited—as I assume is the case for many students. Knowledge will influence whether or not a person is to get vaccinated.

Obstacles9Conditions that facilitate or interfere with obtaining an H1N1 vaccine.I would only use free preventions.     
If it was a nasal spray that was given in our dorms I would get the vaccine.

History6Respondent's history of receiving seasonal flu or other vaccines.I have never had a flu vaccine which is why I did not have the H1N1 vaccine.     
I nor any members in my family have ever gotten the seasonal flu shot.

Endorsement5Advice regarding H1N1 and vaccination.My father who is a doctor has told me a few times that it really is not that big of a deal.

1 Spelling and punctuation errors present in respondent quotes have been corrected throughout this paper where they do not interfere with interpretation. No wording has been modified.