Advances in Preventive Medicine / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Effectiveness of Couple-Based HIV Counseling and Testing for Women Substance Users and Their Primary Male Partners: A Randomized Trial

Table 3

Baseline characteristics of participants by treatment condition.

Couples-based Women-only relationship-Control: NIDA standard Fisher’s exact
HIV-CT ( )focused HIV-CT ( )HIV-CT ( )F value
% % %P value

Female characteristics
  African American4540.93230.83530.2
 Completed high school5247.35250.05446.6.89
 Ever diagnosed with STIb60/10358.345/9845.965/11357.5.15
 Traded sex last 3 months2825.52120.22925.0.61
 Ever injected illicit drugs4742.75351.05750.9.39
 Age (yrs)38.83 (8.6)37.63 (8.3)38.67 (8.3)0.65.52
 HIV transmission risk0.96 (1.76)0.99 (1.73)0.86 (1.45)0.21.81

Couple characteristics
 Marital status.32
  Married, legal2522.72726.03328.5
  Married, common law7366.46461.57766.4
  Not married1210.91312.565.2
 Trying to conceive2119.12019.21613.8.48
 Perceived closeness7770.07774.08371.6.81
 Condom use last 3 months2623.62524.02219.0.59
 HIV serodiscordant87.387.765.2.73
 Prob (%) male HIV positive†a10916.210417.611614.90.39.68
 Relationship duration (yrs)†c1087.0 (7.5)1047.5 (7.5)1168.3 (7.3)0.86.42

Mean and standard deviation given.
Welch’s ANOVA F statistic and P value.
aVariable has 1 missing response.
bVariable has 16 missing responses.
cVariable has 2 missing responses.