Table 1: 2,2-Azizobis (3-ethylbenzothiazoline~6-sulfonate) “ABTS” scavenging ability and ferric reducing antioxidant property of some commercial teas.

SampleABTS (mmol·TEAC/100 g)FRAP (AAE mg/g)

GT5.54 ± 1.21a15.98 ± 2.31a
BT11.80 ± 1.54b12.01 ± 1.87b
BT22.80 ± 0.96b 9.26 ± 1.32d
ADT4.70 ± 1.08a10.12 ± 1.91c

GT: green tea; BT: black tea; ADT: antidiabetes tea. Values represent means of triplicate of duplicate experiments. Values with the same letter along the same column are not significantly different ( ).