Table 3: Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) scores for the sub-sample .

%SE95% CI

Lifetime use
Frequency of use in past 3 months
  Never used61.11.9357.3–64.9
  Not in the past 3 months10.51.357.9–13.2
 Tobacco risk
  Low risk70.11.8066.5–73.7
  Medium risk27.71.8024.1–31.2
  High risk2.30.601.1–3.5
  Never used41.32.1037.1–45.4
  Not in the past 3 months21.91.7518.5–25.4
 Alcohol risk††
  Low risk74.91.9071.2–78.7
  Medium risk21.91.8018.2–25.5
  High risk3.20.801.6–4.8
  Never used87.31.3184.7–89.8
  Not in the past 3 months9.91.257.4–12.3
 Cannabis risk†††
  Low risk96.40.6095.3–97.5
  Medium risk3.20.502.1–4.2
  High risk0.40.200.0–0.9
  Never used93.10.9191.3–94.9
  Not in the past 3 months4.50.852.8–6.1
 Methamphetamine risk†††
  Low risk97.20.4096.4–98.1
  Medium risk2.10.401.3–2.8
  High risk0.70.200.3–1.1
 Any drug use 
 (occasionally or weekly/daily)

Tobacco risk 0–3 = low risk; 4–26 = medium risk; 27+ = high risk; ††Alcohol risk 0–10 = low risk; 11–26 = medium risk; 27+ = high risk; †††Drug risk 0–3 = low risk; 4–26 = medium risk; 27+ = high risk.