Figure 2: Cell cycle profiles by flow cytometry: (a) MiaPaCa-2 and (b) AsPc-1 cells. Tq induced accumulation of the cells in preG1 phase. The data shown are typical of one of three independent experiments. DNA histograms show evident accumulation of hypodiploid cells at preG1 peak within 24 h indicating accumulation of dead and apoptotic cells. At 30 μM of Tq the percentage of apoptotic cells increased to 29% at 24 h and reached 49% at 48 h (a), while it increased to 15% in AsPC-1 cells after 24 h and reached 24% after 48 h (b). Data were quantified from three experiments, , using one-way repeated ANOVA with subsequent all pairwise comparison procedure by Student’s -test.