Figure 1: (a) Effect of PECQ on mean thickness of trabecular bone in the epiphyseal region. Significant decrease in the thickness of the trabecular bone was observed in the diabetic control (DC) rats when compared to normal control (NC) rats. However, diabetic rats treated with two different doses of PECQ (DC + CQ1 & DC + CQ2) or with insulin (DC + INS) showed a significant increase in bone thickness. when compared to NC group; , when compared to DC group. (b) Photomicrographs of trabecular bone in epiphyseal region. Thinner and reduced number of trabeculae can be seen in the diabetic control group (DC) when compared to normal control group (NC). Further treatment with two doses of PECQ (DC + CQ1, DC + CQ2) and insulin (DC + INS) improved the trabecular bone thickness. T: trabecular bone; H and E staining, scale bar: 200 μm.