Research Article

The Methanolic Extract from Murraya koenigii L. Inhibits Glutamate-Induced Pain and Involves ATP-Sensitive K+ Channel as Antinociceptive Mechanism

Table 1

Phytochemicals identified in MEMK.

PhytochemicalsNames of the testsExpected changesResults

AlkaloidsMayer’s testYellowish buff color precipitate+
Hager’s testYellow crystalline precipitate+
Wagner’s testBrown or deep brown precipitate
Dragendorff’s testOrange or orange-brown precipitate+
Tannic acid testBuff color precipitate

TanninsFerric chloride test Blue green color+
Alkaline reagent testYellow to red precipitate+

GlycosidesGeneral testYellow color+
Test for glucosideProduction of brick-red precipitation+

CarbohydratesMolisch’s testA red or reddish violet ring is formed at the junction of two layers, and on shaking a dark purple solution is formed
Barfoed’s test (general test for monosaccharides)Red precipitate+
Fehling’s testA red or brick-red precipitate+
Test for reducing sugarA brick-red precipitate+

FlavonoidsHydrochloric acid reduction testRed color+

SaponinsFrothing testFormation of stable foam