Figure 3: SEM micrographs of scaffolds used for osteoblast seeding. (a) Bovine bone (sintered at 1,000°C). Particles varied from smooth to rough, with asymmetric distribution. Shapes were round, irregular, short, or long. Other particles were polyhedral in configuration. Microporosity ranged in size range from 0.1 μm to approximately 5 μm. (b) Hydroxyapatite structure obtained by wet-precipitation method [32]. Globular grains were observed with different textures and sizes. Microscopic pores were polyhedral in shape and sizes varying between 1 and 3 μm. (c) Porous silicon at 300X arranged in a labyrinth pattern. (d) Porous silicon at 20,000x illustrating very small pores of approximately 0.1 μm.