Advances in Polymer Technology / 2020 / Article / Fig 6

Review Article

Recent Advances in Carbon Nanotubes for Nervous Tissue Regeneration

Figure 6

(a) Fluorescent micrographs of dissociated primary cells networks grown on glass control substrates (top) and on tCNTs substrates (bottom) (β‐tubulin III, red: neurons; GFAP, green: astrocytes; DAPI, blue: cell nuclei). (b) tCNTs induce the sprouting of functionally active fibers crossing lesioned areas in entorhinal-hippocampal complex organotypic cultures (EHCs). (a) Entorhinal cortex/dentate gyrus (EC/DG) intercommunication ability through the perforant pathway (PP) transection in intact and lesioned EHC using a stimulation electrode inserted into the EC superficial layer. (c) Representative confocal images showing the sprouting of SMI32‐positive axon fibers (in green) crossing the gap area [52].