Research Article

Investigation of the Effect of Molecular Weight, Density, and Initiator Structure Size on the Repulsive Force between a PNIPAM Polymer Brush and Protein

Figure 7

(a) plot of height of the PNIPAM polymer brush structure grafted on silicon oxide substrate versus initiator structure size and (b) plot of the vertical component (Equation (6)) of a polymer chain in the structure as a function of the tilting angle. (c) is a schematic of the constant density lines for the polymer brush structures grown from an initiator structure size, , and the orientation of the polymer chains in the polymer brush structure (d) is plot of density of the polymer brush structure as a function of height, (e) is plot of the height of the polymer brush structure as a function of initiator structure size, and (f) is a plot of the repulsive force versus initiator structure size for different degrees of polymerization and density.