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PH1: An Archaeovirus of Haloarcula hispanica Related to SH1 and HHIV-2

Figure 5

Detection of proteins bound to the termini of PH1 DNA. DNA was extracted from purified PH1 particles without proteinase K, digested with AseI, then passed through a silica filter (GF/C) under conditions where proteins would bind to the filter. Lane 1: AseI fragments that did not bind and were eluted. Lane 2: AseI fragments that bound and were eluted only after protease treatment. Lane 3: AseI digest of PH1 DNA. The positions of DNA size standards are indicated on the left side, in kb. The calculated sizes of the AseI fragments of PH1 DNA in lane 3 are indicated on the right side (also in kb). The predicted 0.62 kb PH1 AseI fragment was not detected.