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Research Article

PH1: An Archaeovirus of Haloarcula hispanica Related to SH1 and HHIV-2

Table 2

PH1 virus proteins identified by mass spectroscopy of tryptic peptides.

ProteinaLocus tagORFMW (kDa) Matching peptide massesb
Observed (calculated)

VP1HhPH1_gp1212185 (158) 16
VP2HhPH1_gp2424100 (78)15
VP3 HhPH1_gp282840 (38)5
VP4HhPH1_gp212135 (26)5
VP7HhPH1_gp202024 (20)5
VP9HhPH1_gp272716 (17)3
VP10HhPH1_gp262615 (17)4
VP12HhPH1_gp19197 (9.9)4

Virus capsid proteins are numbered according to their similarity with SH1 capsid proteins.
The number of peptide masses between 750.0 and 3,513.0 m/z identified by MALDI-TOF MS that correspond to the theoretical tryptic peptides of the predicted virus protein.