Table 1: Soil classifications.

LabelSampling siteSoil seriesParent materialDepth to restrictive feature (in)Drainage classDepth to water table (in)Available water capacityTypical profile

H1Ag. Station, HancockPlainfield sandSandy outwash 80Excessively drained 60–80Low ( 3.4 in.)0–7 in: Sand7–36 in: Sand36–70 in: Sand

A1Ag. Station, ArlingtonPlano silt loamSilty material over sandy loam till 80Well drained 36–60High ( 11.0 in.)0–13 in: Silt loam13–45 in: Silty clay loam45–60 in: Sandy loam

W1Ag. Station, West Madison Plano silt loamLoess over glacial till 80Well drained 42–72High ( 10.7 in.)0–11 in: Silt loam11–41 in: Silty clay loam41–60 in: Sandy loam

G1Ag. Fields, UW GreenhousesColwood silt loamStratified silt and fine sand lacustrine deposits 80Poorly drained~0High ( 10.4 in.)0–10 in: Silt loam10–24 in: Loam24–60 in: Stratified fine sand to silt loam

C1Curtis Prairie, UW ArboretumSalter sandy loamLoamy alluvium over stratified silt and fine sand lacustrine deposits 80Somewhat poorly drained 12–36Moderate ( 8.4 in.)0–10 in: Sandy loam10–26 in: Loam26–39 in: Loamy sand39–60 in: Stratified loamy sand to silt loam

B1Bill's Woods, UW Natural AreasKidder loamGlacial till 80Well drained 80Moderate ( 8.2 in.)0–9 in: Loam9–30 in: Sandy clay loam30–60 in: Sandy loam

L2Stone's Pocket, Baraboo HillsBaraboo silt loamLoess over quartzite20–40Moderately well drained 24–36Low ( 5.7 in.)0–5 in: Silt loam5–34 in: Silty clay loam34–38 in: Unweathered lithic bedrock

I2Stone's Pocket, Baraboo Hills """""""""

J2Stone's Pocket, Baraboo Hills"""""""""

K2Simpson, Baraboo HillsEleva sandy loamLoamy residuum weathered from sandstone20–40Well drained>80Low ( 4.0 in.)0–9 in: Sandy loam9–27 in: Sandy loam27–36 in: Sand36–60 in: Weathered paralithic bedrock

Sites sampled previously [22].
2Plots sampled over multiple years in this paper.
Ag.: agricultural.
UW: University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA.