Figure 4: (a) A comparison of halomucin homologs, eHmu1, found on the environmental contig LT80_0.1_scaffold_0 and the corresponding fragments of eHmu2 and eHmu3, found on the contig LT80_3.0_scaffold_9. The section indicated in the black box reveals the nature of the 28 bp deletion within eHmu2 that causes the frameshift resulting in a stop codon approx. 230 bp downstream. AAID: amino acid identity. (b) A comparison of the halomucin homolog eHmu1 and the corresponding region and annotations identified in H. sp. J07HQX50. * represents the location of an 81 bp gap in a GLUG motif containing CDS from H. sp. J07HQX50. NAID: nucleic acid identity.