Research Article

The Unusual Circulation of the Newt Heart after Ventricular Injury and Its Implications for Regeneration

Figure 2

Valve abnormalities during regeneration. (a) The heart of an intact animal (HE stain). Blood is shown in the left atrium. The blood is just about to enter the ventricle. The valve is completely open (arrows). (b) Hypertrophy of the valve after needle puncture. The black arrows indicate the valves. Note that the blood is not shown in the ventricle after needle puncture (HE stain). The red arrows indicate the coronary vessels on the conus arteriosus. (c) Chondrogenesis started in the valve in the location of the conus arteriosus. The violet-colored tissue stained by toluidine blue is cartilage. Magnification: ((a) and (b)) ×40; (c) ×100.