Research Article

The Unusual Circulation of the Newt Heart after Ventricular Injury and Its Implications for Regeneration

Figure 3

Changes in the circulatory system after needle puncture. (a) The sinus venosus around the right atrium (HE stain). The acronym “ra” stands for right atrium and “v” for ventricle. (b) The new duct between the left anterior cava vein and the conus arteriosus. (1) 2 hours, (2) 6 hours, and (3) 12 hours after needle puncture (trichrome stain). (c) A bulge is shown in a section from the side. The acronym “b” stands for a bulge and “v” for ventricle. (d) A duct under the transverse septum (HE stain). The acronym “ts” stands for transverse septum. (e) The left pulmonary artery. This section is viewed from the side (HE stain). The acronym “lu” stands for left lung and “lpv” for left pulmonary vein. Magnification: ((a), (b)-(3), (c), (d), and (e)) ×40; ((b)-(1) and (b)-(2)) ×100.