Table 1: Cranial landmarks used in this study. Numbers correspond to those illustrated in Figure 1.

Midline landmarks

1Nasal-frontal suture
2Parietal-frontal suture
3Premaxilla-maxilla suture

Bilateral landmarks (left and right)

4 and 5Basioccipital-basisphenoid-bulla suture
6 and 7Jugal-squamosal ventral suture
8 and 9Jugal-maxilla (orbit crest) suture
10 and 11Jugal-maxilla (base of zygomatic arch) suture
12 and 13Jugal-squamosal dorsal suture
14 and 15Frontal-squamosal-alisphenoid suture
16 and 17Parietal-frontal-squamosal suture
18 and 19Lacrimal-frontal-maxilla suture
20 and 21Basisphenoid-presphenoid suture
22 and 23Occipital condyle extreme
24 and 25Premaxilla-maxilla lateral suture
26 and 27Anterior lateral M1
28 and 29Posterior lateral M2
30 and 31Canine, lateral extreme
32 and 33Canine, mesial extreme