Anatomy Research International / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Morphometric Analysis of Lateral Masses of Axis Vertebrae in North Indians

Table 2

Results of measured parameters of lateral mass of axis vertebra.

S. numberParameters (mm)MeanSDRange value

1Pedicle length (PL)21.612.3716.00–25.150.872
2Pedicle width (PW)8.822.063.60–12.500.895
3Pedicle height (PH)5.632.432.20–13.950.886
4Superior articular facet length (SAFL)16.341.5613.90–20.700.141
5Superior articular facet width (SAFW)14.351.7511.40–17.700.661
6Superior articular facet external height (SAFHe)8.981.365.8–12.050.488
7Superior articular facet internal height (SAFHi)4.230.812.40–6.600.620
8Depth of vertebral artery4.720.832.40–6.050.233
9Inferior articular facet length (IAFL) 11.131.438.80–14.500.274
10Inferior articular facet width (IAFW) 7.891.306.70–10.200.681
11Foramen transversarium length (FTL)5.110.912.75–6.500.482
12Foramen transversarium width (FTW)–8.000.662
13Foramen transversarium depth (FTD)4.090.742.70–5.300.645
14Pedicle superior angle (PSA)23.322.6219.00–29.000.378
15Pedicle median angle (PMA)32.231.6529.00–36.000.211