Table 2: Internal consistency of Crisis Management Checklist considering all emergency scenarios.

ItemCorrected item-total correlationCronbach’s if item is deleted

State change detection
 Timely/prompt detection0.4570.885
 Complete detection0.5450.879
 Missed detection0.5330.881
Situational awareness
 Complete/correct differential0.8000.862
 Prioritized differential list0.7740.864
 Reassesses situation0.7590.867
 One or more incorrect diagnoses0.1830.894
Therapy/resource utilization
 Timely therapy0.6960.870
 Prioritized actions0.7710.864
 Appropriate therapy/action0.7720.864
 One or more inappropriate actions0.1770.893

Cronbach’s = 0.886.
Analysis performed on average of rater responses.